Thursday, April 27, 2006


Living in New York City, one meets a lot of people with big career dreams. And most of these people work as waiters, bartenders and dog walkers to make those dreams come true. But lately I’ve been asking myself when is it time to pack up and close the show – dream over.

I got to thinking of this dilemma the other day on a shoot. The model was an older woman who had moved to NYC in her youth to be an actress. Yes, she’s had some minor success, but at age 58 she was struggling to pay her rent and afford health insurance. In her long hair, fanny pack, and mom jeans, her obvious lack of money was obvious. She looked rather sad when she talked of friends retiring with huge pensions and the many planned vacations. I noticed she ate extra food at the lunch table.

As I watched her gobbling down - and not caring one iota about my carefully constructed lip line - yet another plate of free food, I started thinking of my life and the many friends who are struggling to make it big in NYC. One friend is nearing 40 and still trying to make it as a pop music sensation and another in the same age range is still making the rounds as an actor. Of course, both of these would-be stars work part-time jobs spritzing perfume and waiting tables – both live hand to mouth without a cent in the bank.

I moved to NYC with the dream to be the next Kevyn Acoin, but he died and so did my dream of a Vogue cover. I still love makeup, but I’m much more aware of the need to make money and save for the future, which good Virgo that I am, do on a regular basis.

Dreams might sustain your life, but not a NYC lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Give up your dreams and you die Mistermakeup. Maybe that old lady felt better following her heart than choosing a life she would have been unhappy in.

mistermakeup said...

If you read my essay with a keener eye, you would have gotten the idea that the woman was not happy.

Anonymous said...

Hello I know I am featured as one of your trajic characters. Its nice to note that the facts are changed to better your essay. Karma is a bitch

Anonymous said...

tragic...just saw mistake

junebug said...

Still on that mag hunt, being the tenacious hag that I am! ;) I grew up around {well, up to age 17/18} lots of gives some security, but I've seen some miserable rich folks, too. Fine music, a good shag and the occasional altered state ~~ it does a soul good! Really --- your work is your art. I've visited NYC and hope to again....I give you credit for living there, though; it can't be easy, that's for sure.