Monday, September 24, 2007


My Apple computer died, so my blog will be sketchy for a few weeks. I hate Apple computers - they only sell you insurance/support for three years and then you are on your own - in other words, after three years you're fucked.

Is it just me, but shouldn't a computer last longer than three years?

I say fuck Apple and all their god damn ipods, iphones and other bullshit.


Anonymous said...

damn i agree 125% - those damn apple genious bars are jammed packed with people with defective products - that should say something, right? last time i was getting my ipod fixed for the 3rd time, i had to wait 1 hour past my slotted time -fuck, it's even worse than the doctor's office.

come on Dell or Sony - come up with something that outshines Mac.

Claudia said...

Not going to happen, I hated Apples until my SONY VAIO crashed and then I heard from a bunch of people that they crash all the time, and that they are pieces of crap. SO I switched to Apple...which I love...because even though they break....they don't acquire viruses, they're easier to manage...and a lot lighter to carry.

I guess you have to decide what you want in a computer. I hope you like apples again soon...

Nick Hobart said...

nice spelling skills anonymous. as a one-time genius bar guy i can tell you first hand how hard it is to deal with everybody's complaints. we did/they do the best we/they can. try taking your dell or sony or gateway or emachine to their respective retail stores and get free help....oh can't. the fact of the matter is that apple is consistently rated at the top of both quality and customer support surveys. i'm sorry your iPod took a dump or whatever but these things happen. i've been a gloriously happy apple owner for as long as i can remember. take it from someone who is a certified expert in computer systems and engineering - never buy a windows-based computer. apple products are as good as they get.