Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Damn, I hate Republicans. I mean, are they all assholes?

Presidential contender Mitt Romney has launched a radio advertisement to voice his support of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I mean, who cares if thousands of our young men and women are dying in a Republican generated Iraq war or that the gap between the rich and poor is growing greater every day. No, what matters most is changing the constitution to include prejudice and hate.

Like I said, I hate Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Take comfort in the fact that Mitt Romney doesn't have a shot at being on the ticket. I think his hateful advertising is part of a big PR push to get him recognition. It's kind of like when Doogie Howser came out AGAIN but denied it for a week to get ratings for that insipid How I met Your Mother.

It's hard to take partisan mudslinging seriously. These are faithless times, bitch.

mistermakeup said...

I wish I could agree with you, but the 2004 election, which put Bush in office, is proof that mudslinging works. I mean, many states put the "gay marriage" thing on the ballot and the Christians came out in droves to vote Republican. Yes, it worked.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of democrats voted green in 2004, and plenty of other democrats stayed home (yes they did). I believe it is the right of americans opposed to gay marriage to feel the way they do, and vote for the candidate that supports their view. I hate them, I am pro choice, and I am for the rights of all americans to marry, and I intend to vote for the candidate that stands for my beliefs. Noone can convince me that I should change my position on abortion, and I do not wish to change anyone else's position on the sanctity of marriage (what a fucking joke that shit is...)

Tell your friends that they should VOTE VOTE VOTE. Not all of my friends vote, I know that for a fact. That doesn't make any republican an asshole as far as I can tell.

Claudia said...

Unfortunately, It's one of the only issues they "get" cause theyre taught about it in church from the time they are children. Ask them to really justify Republican views on foreign policy, spending, and actual civil rights (not just gay marriage) and they come out you with the same sound bites they hear the politicians speak. They sound fancy, but never have a point. Can't say I hate them, but I definitely feel sorry for them....or at least those that are advocates of hate.