Wednesday, April 23, 2008


You know, I am sick of people saying that Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race. I mean, she won last night by double digits - obviously some people want her to say in the race.

Furthermore, she has won all of the large electorial rich states - New York, California, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania - not to mention the much debated Florida and Michigan. I agree that Obama is the future of the democratic party, but this is America afterall, and democracy rules, so let Hillary continue on.


Charlie Hobart said...

She can continue fighting all she wants, but I don't think it's going to make a difference. There's the camp that says it's good for the party to divide down these lines and there's the (outspoken) camp that says it's bad for the party. Whatever.

She's UNDOUBTEDLY the stronger "fighter" of the two candidates. She'll claw at this nomination with every last breath in her body. No one can say that Hillary doesn't want to be president. She keeps getting beat down only to get right back up and fight. Obama has yet to find a way to put her out of the race for good.

I don't think he has a knock-out blow to deliver, anyway. He couldn't do it in Ohio and he certainly couldn't do it in Pennsylvania.

Hillary's tenacity is her biggest assest. Indeed, she could win Pennsylvania in a general election. She also "has the balls" to take on the Republicans, which she's been doing with (mixed) results for most of her life.

I'm amazed that a Wellesley graduate who's worth millions of dollars has become a sort of populist for the blue-collar demographic whereas a guy who gave up a six-figure income out of college to work in the south side of Chicago is somehow considered an elitist with a scary black preacher in his posse. Only in America is the general populace dumb enough to consistantly vote against their interests.

I do like Hillary, and if she gets the nomination (God forbid) I'd likely vote for her simply because I have a fundamental disagreement with McCain's foreign policy.

But she offers more of the same, and we've FINALLY been given an opportunity to begin the long process of changing this fractured, wounded country. It's an opportunity we deserve despite all the mistakes we've made in the past.

But could someone please tell me how Hillary could stand at the podium in Denver as the Democratic nominee and tell all those newly registered voters, all the millions of people who donated to the Obama campaign, all those young, idealistic and optimistic Americans who saw their candidate get the majority of pledge delegates, the majority of states, and the majority of votes, that she's taken it away and it was all for nothing? That we've swallowed this shit before so we might as well swallow it again? That the voice of the people is crushed (yet again) by the lobbyists and wealth and greed and back-door deals in Washington?

Yes, Obama likely won't "change" much if elected, but he'll at least steer us in what I feel will be a better direction.

Fight all you want, Hill. Hell, you may even win. Stranger things have happened. But your Machiavellian zeal represents not just what's worst about American politics, but what's worst about our very country itself...


You are correct to think that Obama will lead the democratic party in a better direction - I'm just not so sure that now is his time.

I also agree that it is quite odd to think that blue collar workers have championed millionaire Hillary - but I think this has more to do with racisim. I mean, I think these blue collar (and I hate to call them that) think a woman as opposed to a black man is the lesser of two evils. Sad, but true.

I also think the "scary preacher" has not done Obama any favors - he also should have handled the fallout better by not standing up for him. I mean, that preacher said some scary shit.

Also, do you really think those young voters will really go to the polls in November? Past elections say no.

But the truth of the matter is Hillary has won all of the big states that matter - and with being outspent 2 to 1. Those are the facts.