Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Another piece of the puzzle in the mystery of finding a boyfriend:

I recently read that if you have a “list” of more than 5 no-nos when choosing a mate, the problem is you. I started to think of my no-no list.

1) Not fatties. Yes, I know this is superficial, but I could never date a man with a bad body.
2) No Drag queens. I’m femmy enough; I don’t want to date someone girlier than me.
3) I don’t have an age issue – anyone 25 – 50 is good for me, but they have to have confidence.
4) I’m very open minded with looks – confidence and positive energy can really make a man attractive. I mean, some of the best sex I’ve had were with so-called ugly people.
5) Must be passionate about something in life – work, hobbies, etc.

Ok, I only have five, so why no boyfriend?


Anonymous said...

Your list is awesome. Not the least bit superficial. #1 no fatties is not a shallow disqualifier. If someone is not willing to hold themselves and their health to the highest standard how can they expect love?

Truth be told if I knew a single awesome hot guy I'd be reluctant to set him up with you, as you engage in the behavior of the previous post. We're not in the swinging 70's @ Studio 54.

Why don't you make a list of 5 self-destructive habits that you are willing to discontinue in order to attract a great man?


I had safe sex in the previous post. It's hard in Manhattan - sometimes you need a little lovin.

Anonymous said...

For how long have you been looking? Maybe you need a fit, sexy, fashionista nutritionist who wears Prada sneakers and the occasional headband. Perfect 4 U !