Friday, August 29, 2008


Here is what I've learned about London thus far:

1) BRING LOTS OF POWDER - Brits do not embrace air conditioning like their brothers and sisters across the pond, thus, even the most cleverly applied concealer is doomed to failure.

2) THE ROCK AND ROLL T-SHIT LOOK FOR MEN IS OVER - AND I MEAN OVER - Brits are wearing slim-fitted cowboy shirts (solids and plaids) with skinny jeans and skinny ties - very Justin "sexy back" Timberlake. Keep in mind most male Brits are built like Nicole Richie, so buyer beware - even I had to buy shirts labeled large. I mean, on 18th street in Chelsea I'm a waif, but in the east end of London, I'm a pumped out muscle boy. Who knew?

3)THE LONDON TUBE (SUBWAY) IS AMAZING AND HORRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME - I love that the tube - unlike NYC - runs every 2 minutes and criss crosses the city rather than just up and down - ths makes life so much easier. The downside: The cars are tiny with no air conditioning and the tube stops running at 12 midnight.

4) THE EXCHANGE RATE IS HORRIBLE - I am buying very little here - the exchange rate is 2 to 1 in favor of the Brits. I mean, everything is double of what you would pay for a similar item in America.

5) DIANA ROSS AND THE SUPREMES GOWN COLLECTION AT THE V&A MUSEUM - This exhibit is a dream come true for any music lover - or a music lover that is a big fag. This collection - put together by former Supreme Mary Wilson and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - showcases the rise of the girl group via music, video screened interviews, album covers and gowns. A must see.

6) I LOVE A BRITISH ACCENT - I've said it before, and I'll say it again, men are just sexier with an accent.


Baxter said...

Holy shit, did you see that??? This has nothing to do with those goofy British blokes, or anything London-ish in the least. I'm wondering if anyone saw what happened with the political campaigns today? If you missed it I'll fill you in. B. Hussain Obama gave a rousing oratory to about 84,000 other mindless Adolf Hitler/Jim Jones would-be-followers in Denver. The only problem is; he had no solutions! All he could come up with were the "this is fucked up", and the "we need to change this" arguements about America. He gave no inclination as to HOW we could change these supposed errors in American life.

John McCain, on the other hand, gave us Sarah Palin. I know she shares the same last name as a 'Monty Python' founder, but she has some ideas, and this STILL ain't about the Brits. She's so far ahead of B Hussain on foreign relations that he ain't even in the same ballpark. When it comes to domestic issues, B. Hussain isn't even playing the same sport. It's that bad. The Republicans are actually that far ahead of the Democrates in this election cycle.

I'm honestly not trying to be a dick with this post, so if you don't believe me look it up.

Anonymous said...

And let me see - old daddy McCain's answer is to drill for more oil and fight more wars - sounds like a good plan, huh, moron.

obama rules.

Baxter said...

That's his plan? Really? And you know this how?

Do you have any idea what's going on in the world? Really, this isn't some Hollywood depiction of reel life, this IS real life. Get it, dipshit?

It really amazes me that you have the gall to call me a moron when you haven't got the foggiest idea of what I do in the real world. You nameless, mentally stunted, cranial retentive, morally bankrupt ass bandit.


Get off my blog you self-hating Republican idiot.

Baxter said...

Oh, you weak Oral wanna-be-subjugate "reporter". Yes, I lean toward the Republican RIGHT, but I'm neither self-hating, nor an idiot. I come to your blog to see real idiots in action. And you, "Oral Reporter", are the class clown.

Anonymous said...

London is so fun, dear, im sure you will have fun at heaven and gay! its hot in milano!

Anonymous said...

Baxter go away.

Charlie Hobart said...

Yo Baxter,

If you're gonna utilize Rove-ian tactics and knock Obama based on his middle name, then at least get it right; It's Hussein, not Hussain.

And please describe to us, in detail, all the experience Sarah Palin has had in foreign relations as governor of Alaska. Wait...I're gonna tell us how she deals with Russia on a daily basis due to "proximity."

Tell me what kind of votes she's had to cast regarding Iraq and Afghanistan (oh, right, she's not in the Senate, so how could she make any mark on this international issues?)

Maybe you could describe to us her words and bluster rather than action, which is all any governor has when dealing with foreign matters because their job is in essence that of domestic issues since they run a fucking STATE and not a COUNTRY.

I'm really eager to hear about this...

Baxter said...

Yo Chuck,

It don't matter how you spell it, he still sounds muslim to me. I guess you didn't catch he double entendre there, but few reading this could.

I have to say you're right about Gov. Palin having very little experience dealing in foreign relations. But she does have loads more, by comparison, than B. Hussain Obama.

And since you're so eager to hear about Gov. Palin's qualifications read some of this shit, Ace.

Let' talk about the spouses of Palin, and Obama. When Palin became governor of Alaska her husband had a kick-ass job with BP Oil, and he'd been there for 17 years. But when BP went into negotiations with his wifes administration concerning a natural gas pipeline, he stepped down citing the possibility of conflict of interest.

On the other hand, shortly after B. Hussain Obama was elected to the senate his wife was promoted to Vice President of public relations, I believe, at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Coincidence? Possibly. Oh yeah, she also received a 160% raise after her husband requested a $1,000,000.00 earmark for the hospitals. Which her employer did aquire.

As far as executive experience, Palin has been the governor of Alaska for the past two years, and was the mayor of Wasilla, AK for ten years prior to that. Alaska's a tough place to enforce the law, but she did a pretty Goddamn good job of it. She exposed corruption at the top of her own party. B. Hussain Obama's executive experience? Well, he doesn't have any. He's sat in the senate since '97, and over 100 times voted "present". That's it. No opinion one way or the other.

So there's a few things for you, and everyone else to think about.

Charlie Hobart said...

Baxter, when you're in a hole, you stop digging. Your support of Palin as a viable candidate to run our country is ridiculous.

Her husband's good conscience and her cleansing of government corruption within one of our least populated states - that's your argument for legitimacy? That's shit indeed, Ace.

I have nothing against Sarah Palin as a politician. I fiercely disagree with her ideals but she seems to have done a fairly decent job of running that state, though I won't get into her "flip-flopping" on the 'Bridge to Nowhere' because I realize how tricky politics can be.

If anything, the choice of Palin as VP says more about McCain than it does about her. Why on earth are you carrying water for this cause? If anything, you should be pissed that your man dropped the ball on his first presidential decision.

You failed to answer how Palin has "loads more" foreign policy experience than Obama. Hell, McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds couldn't name any, so I doubt you could, Baxter.

Alaska has one-fifth the population of Chicago. Palin was the mayor of an Alaskan town of 7,000 only two years ago. She simply isn't qualified to be the leader of the free world.

And I wouldn't put all my apples in the basket of "executive experience" as a valid argument for the presidency. Sometimes it works, like with Reagan and Clinton. More often it doesn't. George W. Bush was governor of Texas. Need I say more?

And let's keep spouses out of this particular argument. You don't want me mentioning how Cindy McCain stole drugs from her own charity now, do you?

Baxter said...

Actually that comment where the spouses were mentioned was more about the integrity exhibited by each pair as a couple, and not necessarily the spouse themself. It should be fairly clear in which case morals were displayed, and where they were not. Possibly the wording would lead one to believe otherwise, in which case that would be my fault.

In the second paragraph of my previous post I admitted Palin had little foreign policy experience, but loads more than Obama. This may be a little known fact, but when crude is extracted from the ANWR region the nearest, and most efficient refinery is located in Japan. The bids, and negotiations that go on between Japan and the USA are essentially handled by the governor of Alaska. That's not much in the way of "experience", since she never has had to deal with aggression. But it's still more experience than B Hussain. All he EVER accomplished on this front was sitting on a board of politicians who were responsible for voting on some resolution, or another concerning American dealings with European states. I don't know a whole lot about that commitee, because they were never called to order. So he only has a title for foreign experience. I guess he did give a speech to 200,000 screaming Germans.

Palin is running for VICE- President. McCain does have experience in foreign relations, and he's at the top of the ticket. Obama, on the other hand, has less leadership experience than the Republican #2, and less that the Dmocratic #2! Can you tell me what Obama will do with this idea of "Change we can believe in"? He has no proven record of changing anything. He claims McCain voted in line with Bush policy 90% of the time while in congress. Guess what? So did Obama. Most of the resolutions voted on in congress have nothing to do with actual government work where party lines are drawn. MOST votes are in the order of "So, and so lobbyist has a kid who was on the Georgia state champion football team. Let's send them a big congrats. All in favor..." And so it goes.

Government's a nasty, mean, shitty thing at times. When you have someone like Sarah Palin, who I'm sure has a few skeletons in her closet, but has the tenacity to stand up for what's right in the face of Alaskan politics; that deserves respect. And my vote. When you look at Obama and his message of change, you have to ask "Change what?" He hasn't given us a plan for change, or a history of change, only the word "change". Both of the Republicans have proven change on their resumes. That's something I can believe in.

Anonymous said...

Michael Palin brings to us Humor, Hungary and Hammershoi...

Enjoy your vacation, O.R. & Tina Louise!!


Is there room in your Birth for Bertha!!!?