Wednesday, October 01, 2008


You know, why is it that the states (red) that old daddy McCain has claimed as his own, are such redneck states? I mean, most of those red states have the lowest percentage of college graduates, museums, art, culture etc... and most are incredibly racist.

I think this says alot about Republicans.


Anonymous said...

PERTH, Australia -- Heath Ledger's two-year-old daughter Matilda Rose will inherit all of her father's estate, Ledger's father says.

The actor, who died from an accidental prescription drug overdose in January, signed a will before his daughter was born leaving everything to his parents and three sisters. Some had speculated his former partner Michelle Williams would lodge a claim for the money.

But Ledger's father, Kim Ledger, told the Australian newspaper the Sunday Times that the family had given all the money to Matilda and that there had been no challenge from Williams.

"There is no claim," the newspaper quoted Kim Ledger as saying. "Our family has gifted everything to Matilda."

The actor signed the will on April 12, 2003. It lists assets and cash of just $118,000, but the actor's estate is believed to be worth more than $16.3 million, the newspaper said.


get yourself to a god damned shrink

Charlie Hobart said...

Numbers, numbers, numbers. You only need to look at those electoral numbers. That's all that matters at this point. Forget the dumb rednecks. Forget the ignorant, intolerant hicks. Forget Palin. Forget the "debates." Forget lipstick. Forget the "bail out" or the "rescue" or whatever the hell else they're gonna call it. The truth of the numbers say that Obama's gonna win this thing. Remember that.


Charlie, I hope you are correct. I just received my Minnesota absentee ballot - Minnesota needs my vote more than super blue New York.

Baxter said...

What this graphic tells me is that the Red States are the traditional producers of the staples that keep America alive. The folks who live in these states are traditionally minded, and have common sense. The three west coast states (Washington, Oregon, and California) are also major agrarian areas, except in the I-5 corridoor that runs between Eugene, OR, and Seattle WA., and in California between the San Francisco bay area, and the Los Angeles area.

Obviously, this is where the majority of looney-leftist libs, and illegal aliens reside. That's, unfortunately, what makes them Blue States. This graphic also tells me that when you get so many people living right up on top of each other in such a small geographical area, they get a little goofy, and that's how liberalism seeps into the mind of a previously sane person.

O.R., who call these Red States "Rednecks", and "racist", and probably a bunch of other shit that only a mildly retartded person could muster through lack of intelligence. No offense meant, but that's how we REAL Americans see you.


Well, like a typical Republican, you failed to address the issues that I wrote about - are you sure you're not Sarah Palin?

Baxter said...

I've said it before, but maybe it needs repeating: "It's tough to tell what a lib means to say these days."

I covered most of what you were TYPING down in that last blog entry, but maybe I didn't cover what you MEANT. Say what you mean, don't just keep it to yourself, and expect everybody else to figure it out through osmosis.

Anonymous said...

What's Heath Ledger got to do with this?

What's a Redneck? Is that a non-Libertine who has forgotten to use sunscreen before going outdoors?