Friday, October 03, 2008


I watched the VP debate last night with much sadness.


Because the whole thing was dumbed down to accommodate village idiot Sarah Palin. I mean, the bar was set so low, she only had to show up to win points.

Does Sarah Palin win just because she didn't fuck up?

Is it okay to dumb things down to appear nice?

Is this what America has come to?

I mean, one of these candidates could easily become the leader of the free world. Shouldn't we remove the gloves and put "niceness" on hold and ask serious questions? I mean, it was sad that Joe Biden couldn't rip her a new asshole with her inept and staged answers because of the risk that he would appear "mean" and "sexist".

Listening to Sarah Palin's dumb "you betcha" dialogue while avoiding serious questions was sickening.

America deserves better.


Anonymous said...

Palin said she had been "annoyed" in her interviews with CBS News anchor Katie Couric and had been caught off guard when asked what newspapers and magazines she read and to name Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with — questions Palin appeared not to be able to answer.

Her responses, Palin said, were "an indication of being outside that Washington elite, outside of the media elite also."

caught off guard? what bullshit!!! A VP should know about the Supreme Court and it's decisions. What a cow! MOOOOOOOOOOOO


Honey now she is calling Obama a terrorist..what do you think about that....she really is anita bryant! But she does have great tits!

Anonymous said...

How about that there winking, gosh darn?? Don't you think the people just felt such a sense of..."connection" there? "Say it ain't so!!!" Oh, no!

Baxter said...

Did anybody happen to see Katie Couric's interview with Joe Biden? I laughed my ass off when he said FDR went on the TV after the stock market crash of '29, "and he told the people, you know, 'this is what happened'".

And Katie Couric got all misty-eyed , and says something like 'Joe Biden really cares about the people'.

What a crock of shit. She didn't even call Biden on his errors! #1 FDR wasn't the President in '29, and #2, televisions were owned by very, very, very few (if any) people then. But after Sarah Palin answers Courics' question about McCain with the fact that McCain was warning the senate about Freddie, and Fannie giving out unbelievably stupid loans over 2 years ago, Couric had the gall to keep on with the "I don't mean to belabor the point, but can you give any other evidence?" bullshit.

As Ann Coulter says: "That's like asking the guy who predicted the 9/11 attacks: 'O.K., but what ELSE have you done?'"

This election has been completely driven by the liberal/ socialist media in America. Obama is clearly the media's candidate, and they're doing whatever is in thier power to get him elected. The sad part is, I think it's going to happen. This is a sad day in America.

Palin kicked Biden's ass in that debate. ANYONE could see that. I mean, Biden did a good job, but he just wasn't up to Palin's level in this one. He was too full of useless, imcongruent, inaccurate so called facts. The major gaff of his for the evening was laying the blame on the Bush administration for the financial mess. This shit didn't happen until the Dems took over congress. President Bush, Senator McCain, and others were telling congress to get a hold on this situation long before the shift to the left in, but congressional Dems stonewalled any efforts to rectify the mess. To this end, there were also some crooked Republicans in on this, too.

Chris Dodd, and Barack Hussain Obama have recieved more campaign contribution money from Fannie Mae than anybody else in the history of the senate. And Obama's only been getting this for the last few years! Fannie, and Freddy OWN Obama.

And I think it's pretty fuckin' evident that Barney Frank has just as much, if not more responsiblity in this mess than Obama. Niether Frank, nor Obama will fess up and take responsibility for thier parts in this crisis. We keep hearing Obama talking about holding those who are guilty responsible, but he won't admit to the truth even when the rest of the nation already knows. He has the vast liberal media telling the rest of us his lies. To Chris Dodds' credit, he said he was involved, but failed to stop the problem. I guess Dodd's conscience got the better of him.

This entire screw-up will end up costing the tax-payer billions. We could demand that Freddie, Frannie, AIG, and whoever else gets in on this bail-out, re-pay the entire amount they recieved over time. But if Obama get's in, he'll lay it all on the tax-payers because he's so far indebted to Freddie, and Fannie. He'll do thier beck-and-call.