Friday, October 31, 2008


For anyone still on the fence, please go to and see for yourself if Obama's tax plan will help you.


Anonymous said...

The Obama plan will get me back less than I got last year. Sad plan. Why won,t Obama tell the truth about Ayers, Rev. Right and other ominous associates? Hitler didn't tell the truth either look where that got the world. God help us against Obama.

Jeffrey said...

Wow - you must be in the top 3% if you are getting less with Obama's tax plan - good for you selfish dick. If you listed all the ominous people McCain associated with we would be here all day.

Baxter said...

If anyone reading this actually believes that the "Obama Tax Plan" will save them money, then you're not thinking about the long-term implications of his "idea".

If Obama intends to follow through with ALL of his promises if, and when elected (universal health care, 900 billion American tax dollars sent to the UN by 2015 to fight global warming, expansion of the endangered species act, a drastic gun ban in the USA, cash back for welfare recipients, etc), then where will all this additional money come from needed to enforce them? Personal donations? Win the lottery? Mug OPEC? Pan for gold?

Obama will not cut taxes for 95% of Americans. He will raise them. He HAS to raise them, or he'll be exposed for the fraud he is sooner than he wants. The Democratic controlled congress has already guarenteed a tax hike with the financial institution bailout. Before I hear any more complaining, I know that some Republicans also voted in favor of the bailout (that's politics).

Just honestly think about this situation. Don't use emotions, use your brain. The entire Democratic party is pro-socialism. That's fact. All you have to do is study almost any proposal sent forth by the Democrats. They see Obama as Karl Marx to the down-trodden. He won't save us, he'll sink us.