Monday, October 27, 2008


I mean, how dumb can these people that attend Republican rallies be?

Now Sarah Palin is screaming from the pulpit that Obama will "punish hard work" by increasing taxes.

Now, my dear Escada and Dolce donned lady , we all know that Obama has stated time and time again that 95% of the folks will be getting a tax break - only if you are making $250,000 or more per year will your taxes go up. What you are trying to do is scare stupid people - that will never in their wildest dreams make $250,000 per year - into thinking that their taxes will be raised if they work hard and make more money. As Joe the plumber found out himself, he would indeed save money on the Obama tax plan.

In other words, the Republicans are doing what they do best - patting the rednecks on the back with pledges of religion, pro-life and death to fags while stealing from their back pockets.

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Baxter said...

Jesus Christ, you're stupid! The fact of the matter is that if, and (I still say) "when" B. Hussain get's in office, we'll be completely fucked as a nation. Libs, Conservatives, and Independants alike will suffer the consequences of a Marxist Presidents' "tax without reason" ideaology. If this is still so hard for you to rationalize in that pea-brain of your's, try reading some history on the Nazi party emergence. After you learn how close the B. Hussain plan is to that demographics' train of thought, come back with something a little more substantive.