Friday, October 24, 2008


You know, according to 2007 tax records, Sarah Palin and her husband reported an income of $250,000 - that's a quarter of a million dollars! Also, news leaked out that the Republicans spent over $150, 000 on fancy clothes for Palin and her family.

I ask you: what the hell does she have in common with Joe the plumber?

I mean, she's running around the country with her winks and her "you betcha's" preaching about the perils of the working man....well, coupled with old daddy McCain's 7 houses and his $10 million dollar wife, I don't think the McCain/Palin ticket has anything in common with Joe the plumber whatsoever.

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Charlie Hobart said...

You know what's really hilarious? Palin's wardrobe costs more than the total value of Joe the Plumber's house.

Normally, I wouldn't give a shit how much these politicians spend on their clothing, but when they insist on making symbols out of people, as they did with Joe the Plumber, then these small details start to deserve attention and scrutiny.

It just goes to show how out-of-whack the Republican priorities are...