Saturday, February 25, 2006


Thank Heaven I live in a blue state. I read today that South Dakota is ready to pass a law that would make it illegal to have an abortion – with up to 5-years in prison for doctors performing the procedure!!! In the same newspaper I read that Christian fundamentalists are planning on taking over the state of South Carolina. What is going on in America?

Yes, our nation is fast becoming an Islamic state of affairs. I don’t doubt for a minute that these religious idiots would love nothing more than taking over the government and sending liberal minded folks like me to the stockades.

Now I don’t advocate abortions, and I do think the procedure is a form of murder, but that isn’t the point – the point is money is power. Abortion is always going to be around. Unfortunately, the only people able to afford abortions will be the rich – they have the money to take their whore daughters across state lines or to hire reputable docs on the down low while the poor will have to resort to back alley abortions ala wire hangers. Yes, money is power, and that my darlings, is sad.

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