Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Why is it some gay men refuse to accept the fact that old father time is knocking on their tired old doors. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little nip and tuck, but this trend with aging Chelsea boys parading around in teenage clothing is ridiculous.

The other day I was getting a pumpkin donut at the cupcake café on 9th ave when in walked in what I thought was a cute teenaged boy – diesel patchwork jeans, silver pumas, baseball hat and Abercrombie soccer shirt. Nice, I thought - until it turned around. There staring back at me was a haggard old face with more lines than an LA freeway map.

Damn, don’t these queens realize what fools they are making of themselves.

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Aron said...

I agree completly, I hate an aging queen trying to look like an A-teen. It really only makes the hags look more hagged. You know I must say, getting old isnt easy however if you attempt to block father time mother nature makes sure and turns you into a freak. Check out my blog called almostaron or aronmichael@blogspot.com