Sunday, February 12, 2006


What a storm - 26 inches in 24 hours - the second highest snowfall in city history. I went to visit a friend earlier in the day and I was trapped in Brooklyn at 2 am in a snowstorm waiting for the F train. As luck would have it, the train came in 10 minutes, but when I got off at the 2nd Avenue and Houston stop, all mayhem was taking place. The lower east side has become a playground for the bratty trust friend crowd - the train platform was covered with passed out drunk brats surrounded by pools of vomit. Lucky me. The 12 block walk back to my apartment was cold, but surprisingly beautiful.

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Stuck in Georgia said...

It must be nice I moved to Florida from Michigan at the end of August and have only seen snow on my excursion home and then it was more slop because it had been raining for two days. Vomit dosn't wash away here it just bakes into the sidewalk.