Thursday, February 23, 2006


Living in the big apple isn't easy. New Yorkers put up with alot of shit to live in the greatest city in the world. Over time we find little ways to make city living easier. For some, it's a weekend house in the country, or having dinner delivered every night or simply buying your own washer and dryer. For me, it's car service. I simply HATE mass transit and I avoid it at all costs. I don't care if I'm down to my last $20, I would rather starve than get on a subway. If I lived in Brooklyn or Queens, and a slave to the train, I would put a bullet in my head.

Now don't get me wrong, sometimes I don't have a choice and I have to ride the train. Last week, due to the snow, no cars were available for my 9 am call time, and it was too snowy to ride my bike, so off I trotted to the dreaded L train. My blood pressure rose as I stood on the platform with the swarm of worker bees. Train after train passed us by, as they were too crowded to stop. Time was clicking away and my patience was dwindling. When the packed fourth train finally stopped, I threw myself into the masses aboard the train. It was disgusting. Pushed and shoved and stepped on, I felt like I was on my way to Auschwitz. By the time I got to my shoot, I felt soiled as well as exhausted emotionally and physically.

I immediately called my car service and set up pick-up times for the reminder of the week. No more subway for me. A tad melodramatic you say? You bet, but I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, and I always order a small plain coffee at Starbucks, so what's the big deal if car service is my vice?

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Junebug said...

Oh, that does sound like a drag---Happy cruisin', Mister! ;-)