Monday, May 01, 2006


You know what really sucks? Watching some hot guy you were flirting with leave the club with some ugly skank - that sucks.

I was at Mr. Black’s last night canoodling with a real mister – no sister him – when I decided I could do better. Yes, a good haircut and a clever concealer application will do that to a girl. After several rounds around the bar, I knew it was a mistake, but when I returned, my mister had taken up with a rather rancid looking sister. And they were kissing so passionately it was as if they were auditioning for a Chi Chi Larue porn film. I mean, it was so steamy that the crowd around them was getting wet. I was so jealous - I have never been kissed like that.

The lesson I learned? When you think you have bagged a mister, don’t let him go – no matter how green you think the grass is on the other side of the dance floor.


Anonymous said...

At your age you should have never let that Mister go! Think Jane Seymour "East of Eden" Last Scene! YOU

Anonymous said...

God mistermakeup I feel so bad for you....! Couldnt you meet someone who could love you for you? Your such a sad character....At the office I work we all pray for you we do!!! Anna

mistermakeup said...


juni said...

You're fricking hilarous and deserve a hot mister!