Thursday, May 25, 2006


Gay men never cease to amaze me. A friend who works out like crazy to achieve a muscleman body recently informed me that he has no sex drive whatsoever. And he tells me he is not alone.

Apparently, men who take HIV drugs lack testosterone, and thus, have very little - if any - sex drive.

Hmmmm….. with no penis passion, why bother to knock yourself out at the gym? To me, it would be heaven to lay on the couch, get fat and order Two Boots pizza and never think about sex again.

I ask you – why bother killing yourself to look sexy when sex is the last thing on your mind?


Charlie Hobart said...

Your friend may have no sex drive, but that doesn't mean he isn't sexual, per se. Part of the idea of masculinity in our culture involves strength and ambition, two traits associated with weightlifting and living a healthy lifestyle. An author I respect once stated, "To be is to be perceived." I assume your friend still wants to give off an image of virility, maybe an expression of how he feels inside as a man, not just a man looking to get laid. That's a very sexual thing, I think.

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