Tuesday, May 09, 2006


You know, sometimes I hate male models. Yes, these genetically gifted goons can be nice on the eye, but sometimes they can work your last nerve.

Now I’m not dissing their inflated egos or cocksureness, because if God had blessed you or me with their charms, we would be unbearable, too. And I won’t even talk about intelligence, because when you’re born beautiful…well, let’s just say God doesn’t give you everything.

What does piss my powder puff off is that men that make a living with their faces take such lousy care of their moneymakers. Case in point: I was working on a major advertising job when in walked the $3000 a day model sporting a dark tan and an unusual white outline around his eyes – and he had cut his hair into a faux-hawk. As the photographer turned to look at him, he gasped.

What happened to you?

Hey dude, It’s all chill…I went snowboarding this weekend and wore sunglasses.

What about your hair?

Some hot chick cut it.

Ok – but didn’t you know you had a job on Monday?

Sure dude, but can’t the makeup dude fix it? Right, dude?

All eyes turned to me – the art director was almost in tears.

I spent the next 60 minutes carefully mixing foundations to blend the two skin tones into a seamless finish – I won’t even tell you how long it took me to fix the hair. The entire time the model sat texting on his Blackberry and playing games.

As I said, male models - nice on the eye, but not too bright.

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xoxo, soph said...

haha. what a great story