Monday, May 08, 2006


Two of my gal pals recently tied the knot after many years on the single circuit. I guess all the talk of gowns, rings and honeymoons has got me thinking about true love and what that means – or if it means anything at all.

Yes, I have smiled and cooed through the many, many, many pictures of husbands, new homes, pets and everything else the safety of suburbia promises, but I wonder: are they really happy?

Not that many moons ago I listened for hours to these girls go on and on about passion-filled midnight trysts and globe trotting sexcapades with thick-dicked men in fancy Italian sports cars, so bear with me if I question this switch to suburbia. Of course, these saucy relationships usually ended with them singing the eternal “why did he leave me” blues. But on the other hand, the guys they married seem so ho-hum and normal. I mean, are they trading in passion for polite conversation?

Call me crazy, but I guess I am an old romantic. I want to be tongue-tied and swept off my feet. I want my heart to beat a million miles a minute when I see my man turn the corner. Because when all is said and done, and you both get caught up in life and sex goes on the back burner, it’s nice to close your eyes and remember that passion and what it once meant.

I ask you: If you don’t have passion in the first place, how can a relationship survive?

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Anonymous said...

Trysts while IMMEASURABLY FUN AT FIRST...become tawdry, predictable and pathetic once you've reached a certain age (imo, of course)... and after awhile, the thrill of the unknown, which made it fun in the first place, isn't unknown anymore so the 'thrill' is gone. I settled down once being unsettled became ...meh - 'been there, done him/that type' zzzzzzzz.

And my heart DOES beat a million miles per minute when I wake up everyday and he's laying there next to me - sex doesn't always go on the back least in my case it's gotten more fun and unpredictable. I wouldn't say I traded passion for polite conversation - I'd say I finally learned what real passion's making me COOK for godsakes! Give the man some credit! lololol

'Seeming' ho-hum and normal doesn't mean that it actually IS BORING...

I certainly hear what your saying, BUT we (you're married friends) are chicks. We're USED to men at a certain point and they're not all that exciting anymore on a superficial level...they're just DIFFERENT, but not VERY. LOLOL

At east not enough to give up my seemingly ho-hum normal guy who makes me feel like a star EVERYDAY.