Monday, May 07, 2007


Bush's approval rating has dropped to an all-time low - 28 percent. I mean, that's 3 out of 4 Americans that despise him - including myself.

The last president to have such low numbers was Carter during the Iran hostage crisis. Carter left office somewhat disgraced, but he went on to a compassionate and remarkable post-president career that resulted in a Nobel Peace prize.

Somehow, I don't think Bush will be as lucky.


Charlie Hobart said...

I have an almost identical post on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Well, Oprah just endorsed Obama.
He's better than Bush, but not by much in my opinion. I wish Hillary would put a hit out on Oprah.

Yes, I am talking Tony Soprano style hit.

mistermakeup said...

Good for Oprah. I mean, she has to be the first evil saint in history. It's just so odd to see her cry and beg for money for her orphan girls in Africa and then switch gears and talk about her $10 million dollar home and how she loves 5000 thread count sheets. Does anyone else find that odd?

Anyways, I'm voting for Obama, too - and I bet the ticket is gonna be Gore/Obama 2008.


Well, I love Ms. Hillary.....Did you hear what Oprah said about Rosie? Guess those two are not friends! Bertha

mistermakeup said...

What did Oprah say about Rosie?


Oprah said "I think its best that Rosie leave the View considering the circumstances" and thats all she said, but I think she is saying alot...Im surprised though, I thought O would love Rho!