Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've said it before and I'm saying it again.

The democratic 2008 ticket is going to be Gore/Obama.

Remember: You read it here first.


Anonymous said... comments!!!
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mistermakeup said...

Who the hell is Mika, aron?

Charlie Hobart said...

I've said before that I seriously doubt Gore will run in '08. He's just too green (in the environmental sense) to win the general election.

It's still early, but here are my predictions:

Hillary will win the nomination and take Bill Richardson as VP (thereby getting the Latino vote in the southwest with New Mexico and Arizona).

The Republicans will back Mitt Romney (the only guy they have who actually supports a platform of "classic conservatism" despite his religion) with a possible VP in either Thompson or McCain.

The results: Hillary edges out Romney and the Clinton/Bush Family Dynasty of American Leadership continues to reign supreme over our country for another 4 years. Then, maybe Obama in '12, but not now.

mistermakeup said...

Well, Mr. Hobart, you might be right, but I don't think so. For starters, too many people HATE Hillary Clinton, so I don't think she could ever win. I personally would never vote for her - of course, if she received the nomination and ran, I would be forced to vote for her since I would rather be burned at the stake than vote Republican.

No, I think it's gonna be Gore/Obama.

For the Republicans, my crystal balls predict a Rudy/Romney ticket.