Thursday, March 30, 2006


Star Jones. I mean, how does this lady keep her job? I have yet to find anyone who likes her. Her new book is such an ego driven gift to herself it should be called “I’m Star Jones And I Love Myself and You Should, Too.”

And Star, a word of advice from one queen to another: sleeveless is not a good look for you. Furthermore, can you imagine what she looks like naked after losing all that weight – yuk.

And come on, we all know she married a queen, who any day now is gonna pull a “Stella got her groove back” on her. I can’t wait until he does, because someone has to take this bitch out.

Nicole Richie is not too thin - I think she looks great. But what I do find odd is how she seems to have erased her original race. If you look at childhood pictures of her, she had nappy hair, dark skin and a wide nose. Who knew that with a little surgery and healthy dose of concealer, a 22-year old black girl could be transformed into a blonde 40-year old socialite?

Ok, now some real white girls.

I do love Brad and Angelina, but I feel sorry for Jennifer – it must be hard for a plain girl with good hair to lose your man to Miss Jolie. I mean, Angelina is so hot I’d fuck her. And what about Ashlee Simpson? It must be hell being the ugly sister to Jessica. I adored Ashlee’s first Cd, which doesn’t say much for my taste level, does it? But I sang along to my ipod and felt her teenage angst like any 14-year old pretend punk from Long Island.

And finally, I love Mary Kate Olsen. In fact, she’s my new role model. I mean, a billionaire who dresses like a Burberry bag lady and uses Starbucks as her main source of nutrition is my kinda NYC gal.

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Anonymous said...

But Jennifer keeps screaming not to pitty her....THAT SHE IS FINE....its probably all pr invention anyway!