Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My friend Donald works as a leather S&M escort – or prostitute if you will. He makes a good living at it - $175 an hour.

He has turned his bedroom into a dungeon complete with a leather bed, sling, St. Andrews cross and, of course, dim lighting. (Not to get off subject, but I’ve always wondered how he explains this room to the super – oh, I forgot, this is NYC – who cares.) Anyways, I’ve always been fascinated by ladies or men of the evening. Getting paid for sex has always seemed so glamorous.

One day Donald called and asked if I’d be interested in a three-way with a client – an older gent who wanted to be dominated by two guys. The pay: $350 for two hours. Now Donald is the horniest person I have ever met. I mean, the man has no boundaries or limitations. I have seen him make out with a cute young twink only later to see him swashing tongues with a senior citizen. Lord only knows how he does this, but I admire him for it.

Well, I didn’t need much convincing – my inner “belle de jour” got the best of me and like Brenda from “Six Feet Under”, off I went. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. With the help of a little blue pill and lots of macho acting and fantasying, I was able to pull it off – or get it off. The “client” wasn’t all that bad looking and honestly I didn’t really have to do much other than sit there – if you get my meaning.

No, I didn’t start a new career with this – it was strictly a one-time affair. But it was nice to know I could pull it off – or get it off – if need be.


Anonymous said...

sanitized the story for print?

junebug said...

You vixen!!! You vamp!!! :)