Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Are there any good-looking gay men in NYC that want to tie the knot? I think not. When I scan the Sunday Style of the Times for the gay wedding pictures, I have yet to see an attractive couple.

I mean, this might sound mean, but my first thoughts are…”Who else would have them.” Bald, fat, old and a lack of a chin seem to be the requirements for a wedding band and a picture in the Times.

Just once I’d like to see a hot couple smiling back at me from the inked pages. Or maybe hot guys don’t want to get married – too busy playing the field. After all, this is NYC – the hardest city in the world to stay faithful in. What with candy on every corner just waiting to be sucked on, why pledge your love and lust to just one man?


Anonymous said...

But they are probably alot happier than you think....instead of being on a lonely quest for fulfillment in a lonely desperate city.........beauty fades..........scar's remain

Anonymous said...

what does appearance have to do with one's capacity to love another person?