Sunday, March 12, 2006


Why is it nowadays anyone and everyone thinks they can model? I blame it on that tubby Tyra and her cast of mangy model wannabees. Think about it, what have any of the winners of "Top Model" accomplished? Cover of Vogue? No. Face of Estee Lauder? No. Oh, yeah, one married a middle-aged Brady. Whoopee!

Believe me, just because your mom or dad or the guy who wants to bang your box said you could model, doesn’t mean it’s true.

As a makeup artist, I am constantly harassed by overly groomed average looking people begging for advice on modeling. How many times have I wanted to say…”Honey, get a mirror and clean your contacts, cause it ain’t happening in this lifetime.” But no, I always smile and wish them luck and suggest “commercial print” or “lifestyle” modeling.

Listen, if you want to model, you have to be a genetic freak with features and a body so fierce that they would turn Gandi into a sex maniac. If not, keep sending your pics to Tyra and hope that your fifteen minutes are just around the corner – but don’t hold your breath.

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