Thursday, June 08, 2006


Is it just me, or does anyone else think that republican mouthpiece Ann Coulter should be shoved in front of a moving bus?


Anonymous said...

I say we drop a 500 pound bomb on her, it worked for al-zarqawi. i am off to the u.p. this week, keep writing it'll give me something to live for over the next month of isolation. susan

Anonymous said...

that bitch should be shoved in front of a subway train to make sure it doesn't regenerate on it's own.

notice it say 'it' - i doubt it's actually HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

She was meant to do a live spot a few years ago in D.C. and she was screaming and yelling so loud about her hair and makeup that it could actually be heard whilst the anchor was reporting the news (before she was meant to be on). A D.C. insider told me even most Republicans hate her. She probably just needs a good lay!