Monday, June 05, 2006


My friend from Montreal called me in a giddy rush. He told me - between bouts of happy hysteria - that he was paying $450 (face value) for a seat to see Madonna in concert. He was overjoyed.

I think he is nuts.

Another friend bought 4th row seats for her Madison Square Garden performance from a scalper for $1200. He, too, was overjoyed.

Is it just me, or are these people insane?


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Claudia said...

Insane. I would've bought shoes. If i had that kind of money to throw away.

juniper said...

I can't believe perfume reviews --- this is an outrage!!!
Well, your friend is kinda insane.....I saw her in '86 and I think I paid twenty bucks.....I think I was more entertained by the company I was with that night....Slick Rick and a guy from France who's chin was dropped to the ground in awe. I was far more impressed by Robert Palmer on stage when I saw him with The Power Station that same year. What a charismatic man he was...sigh.

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