Thursday, June 15, 2006


I think it’s time I get a Dell. I was a die-hard Apple computer person, but no more. My constant problems with Apple products have forced me to look into what the majority has known all along – PC’s rule.

For starters, I am sick of not being able to surf the Internet. Apple’s browser Safari is full of bugs and constantly refuses to open pages and Internet Explorer does not support Apple systems, so what is an Internet whore left with? Nothing.

And then there is the ipod issue. My friend who works at an Apple store says they keep hundreds of ipods behind the counter to give out like candy to the throngs of people returning their defected ipods. He tells me “no questions asked” because the ipods are made to be disposable, so new ones are handed out without question.

I’m sorry, but if I pay $300 for something, I don’t expect it to be disposable.

That is why I tell everyone who buys an Apple product to purchase the extended warranty tout de suite, because it’s not "if" there will be problems, it’s when.

My own laptop broke down after 24 months to the tune of a $1200 repair. My friend’s imac broke down after 11 months to the tune of $1300 – thank goodness we both bought the extended warranty.

Sure, Apple products look nice, but like Eve with her tempting apple, only disaster can happen when you buy one.


Anonymous said...

ok now faggy, don't call me when you can't find anything on your pc, and you can't figure out how to install a driver for everything, and you buy software that doesn't work and and and and and and


Anonymous said...

oh honey, i thought you'd be bright enough to know "toot sweet" should be "tout de suite"...but okay.