Saturday, June 03, 2006


As a gay man, I’m supposed to love Madonna, but I don’t. I mean, she was cool in the 80s when she was a rebel, but her current act has grown stale and embarrassing.

Her new video for the dance ditty “Sorry” is her latest in career jokes. In the clip, 48-year-old Madge tries to pass herself off as a teenage roller disco queen. Does she really think she is fooling anyone? In 7 years, she will be a card-carrying member of the AARP!

Now I’m not saying she should cash in her cred and sing standards ala Rod Stewart, but there is a fine line between playing a fool and being a fool.

I mean, just because you can afford multiple injections of botox and a good lighting crew, it doesn’t make you 17 again.

You know what would be really groundbreaking? If Madonna would strip herself of the hair color, botox, fillers and corsets and let the world embrace a real 48 year old woman – now that would be a great second act.


junebug said...

Amen to that....she could also gain a few pounds so I could feel at least kinda normal. :)

Anonymous said...

madonnas daughter must want to slit her wrists. i'd be so emabarressed if that were MY mom. eek.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you would suggest that anyone over 40 should skip botox, good lighting or a good makeup job. Something tells me if Madonna let it all hang out you would say "for Gods sake, Madge, have you looked in the mirror lately? Oh what a hard life you've led!!!" Oh....YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

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