Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have a new Manhattan pet peeve - motorcycles and the fat, ugly, and obnoxious men that ride them.

I ask you: Is it wrong of me to want to take a gun and shoot these obese, balding and small-dicked bastards as they roar down the street waking everyone up? I don’t think so. And shouldn't there be a law against motorcycles and their maddening mufflers?

I mean, if Bush can write discrimination into the constitution, surely there can be a law outlawing these noisy contraptions.


Yukie said...

haha you're funny. i know what you're saying though. i think motorcycles are beautiful and i want to ride one someday, but the shock is beyond words when i fix my eyes and come to find out that it's one ugly man who's riding it.

Anonymous said...

Honey I could not have said it better.Amen mister sister.

junebug said...

Haha! I went to grad school with a granddaughter of Davidson; I think she'd laugh her tush off if she read this!