Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When is America going to wake-up and pass a tough gun control law? These mass killings are happening so frequently, I'm kinda numb to the whole thing - and that's not good.

I mean, how many people have to die?

And what does this say about Bush and his republican cronies who champion the right to carry a gun? It's no secret the gun lobby in Washington is one of the strongest lobbies in history - and that's criminal!

I ask these gun fanatics: Why do you feel the need to carry a gun?

Condi (Cunti) Rice champions the right to bear arms by claiming her grandfather saved his family from the Klan with his gun. Oh, please - what bullshit. If the Klan wanted to nail her grandpa, believe me, one black man with a gun would not have stopped them. But that's the argument these gun kooks use - guns will protect us. Well, every study in every country has found the opposite to be true - the more guns a society has, the more guns a society will use.

Wake up America.


Anonymous said...

If we pass a tough gun control law then criminals, like Cho or whatever his name is, will still be able to get guns if they're determined. Whether it be through other criminals, stealing, whatever! They will always still get them.

The only thing a harsher gun control would do is make it harder for the people trying to protect their families harder to get weapons. While the innocent people will be unarmed, the criminals will still get guns...

mistermakeup said...

While I respect your opinion, it just doesn't wash. Numerous studies show that the more guns a society has, the more a society uses guns. If we can reduce the number of guns on the streets, common sense says there will be less guns for criminals to you. And honestly, when was the last time you read in the paper about a family that "protected" itself from criminals with a home gun?????


To be honest you are both wrong...Canada has many more guns per person that the USA does. 3 to 1 more. And they have no where near the violent crime that we do....Lets face it...America is out of control and headed for disaster and I am feelin it in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Actually, thousands of people protect their lives and property from intruders with firearms every year. You just don't want to do the research.

Calling Rice "Cunti" doesn't help your argument, by the way. Rice was making an argument against firearms registration, and it is valid. In her youth, Birmingham's Democratic Party boss, Bull Connor, was the sherriff who directed the cops to engage in suppression of the local black population. The local Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were run as a terrorist organization to keep the black people in line and to keep them from voting. Rice maintains that if firearms had to be registered, Connor could have easily had them confiscated, leaving the black community naked to Klan terrorism.

As it was, Reverend John Rice and his neighbors were able to form a small patrol to protect the local black community from the "Nightriders".

Finally, as to gun control itself. After the Dunblane Massacre, firearms of all types were confiscated in Great Britain. The result? Guns are in the hands of the police, of course, but they are also in the hands of the criminal class, the gangbangers, and the immigrant Islamic terrorist class. Gun crime has risen in Britain, most notably in Metropolitan London. The average citizen has no defense in his home and person against the criminal class, and the criminal class knows this.

mistermakeup said...

MM understands this is a serious and multi-faceted issue - however, I don't think our forefathers - including Condi's grandpa - had any idea that semi-automatic weapons would be invented that could spray bullets out like confetti. America needs tougher gun laws.

Anonymous said...

The only argument of the Democratic Party that I strongly support is HARSH gun control.

The two quackers posts you have received thus far demonstrate the horrifying mentality of some of some of my brothers on the right. I wish we could put all small minded redneck republicans with their guns on a shuttle to Mars. They can take Cunt Rice and Bush with them.

Edwards 2008.

Anonymous said...

Well here in murderapolis 2 days ago a 15 yr old and 2 17 yr olds shot 2 men execution style just because they thought the men were easy marks.The two men freely gave up their wallets but the punk thugs shot them any way.Of course you can probably guess what race the 3 young thugs were. Did I mention 1 of the thugs was a girl?
Something needs to change now. I’m sick and tired of teenagers being able to buy 9mm hand guns out of the trunk of a Toyota.Sorry MM i'm on my soap box again.

Anonymous said...

pulled from craigslist

Unfortunately I just think children today are so sheltered and protected from reality that a small incident like failing a test, breaking up with a chick, or being teased becomes such a major trajedy. Then these weak and fragile people start fucking shooting people because they can't deal with the any small bump in life.

Mothers let your kids go dammit! And stop wiping there fucking hands every five minutes for germs. There fucking immune system has to practice on something. Shit! These fucking kids are gonna die from a common cold. Let the fucking kid get dirty. He's a kid for Christ sake! Tell him if someone fucks with him at school to hit them in the jaw. Bring up a strong child so that the rest of us don't get murdered by your weak ass children.

Fucking world is full of pussies now. Watch what you say. Watch what you do. Don't offend. Don't speak your mind. Don't fight back. Everyone needs a thicker layer of skin. If we carry on this way, we're all bound to explode!

Now there trying to take away our freedom of speech. I'm wathcing it right now on T.V. Oprah's attacking the hip hop community. If you don't like the shit turn it off. Goddamn everyones so goddamn sensitive. That's the problem. Sensitive people easily exploding. Taking away our freedoms is definitely not the solution.

mistermakeup said...

MM hears you!! Don't forget to watch "Real Time" on HBO tonight.