Wednesday, April 18, 2007


What is the big fucking deal if John Edwards wants to shell out $400 on a haircut? I mean, does anyone mention the price Hillary or Laura or Georgie or Condi pay for his or her cuts and colors?

I think not.

Trust me, the rich are just different – and that doesn’t make them bad – and $400 to the rich is like $40 to you or I.


Anonymous said...

if he didn't spend $400 on his hair, he would not get my vote

if obama or hillary wrangle the democratic ticket from him, my vote goes to rudy or ANYONE FROM THE OTHER SIDE

mistermakeup said...

Wow - I have a real live republican reading my blog - I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Please girl, you and I are not too far apart on the political spectrum.

How many democrats are bitching about the rights of islamists in the u.s.??? Don't be too impressed with your bad self.

For the record, I want Edwards in office, I am not exactly a Republican.

Anonymous said...

You know why dont you just put Ann Coulter up...You seem to agree with all her Islamic ideas, lets face it MM, you are secretly a HUGE Coulter fan!