Friday, April 20, 2007


A few weeks back, I ran into Joel Grey and his “Dirty Dancing” nose-jobbed-herself-out-of-a job daughter Jennifer on Christopher Street. I mean, Mr. Grey and his impish face are hard to miss. I guess I was staring a tad too hard, because he stuck out his hand and introduced himself. I mumbled a few star struck words and I was on my way, but it got me to thinking of Mr. Grey’s Oscar-winning role in Cabaret; and what a landmark film it was.

Although Cabaret is 25 years old, it is as fresh and reverent in 2007 as it was in 1972. Filmed by famed Broadway director Bob Fosse, his Broadway meets Hollywood mish mash style is all the rage today, but in 1972 it was quite new. I mean, his eerie meandering cinematography is a mesmerizing visual visit to a 1930's Berlin that is both haunting and disturbingly beautiful.

The movie is based on a short story from Christopher Isherwood’s brilliant memoir Berlin Stories. The plot is simple: A collection of social misfits – gays, transsexuals, Jews, performers, drunks, gold diggers – that live their lives in and around a decadent cabaret. As the characters smile and cry amidst the poverty and ruin of post World War 1 Germany, Hitler and his Nazis are slowly gaining political strength that will forever change the social landscape – the divine innocence would soon be gone.

The film won eight Oscars. Unfortunately, like many classic films, the actors that embodied the roles so brilliantly were forever pigeonholed. Liza Minnelli, now considered a haggard media joke, so embodied the part of Sally Bowles it stunted her career. But no matter how many gay men she weds or how many Letterman jokes she becomes, her Oscar winning portrayal is pure genius and can never be denied her.

As Cher - another fallen Oscar winner - recently said to her hecklers …”Fuck you, I’ve got an Oscar.”

Rent or buy Cabaret – it’s not only a visual treat, but also a slice of history that is educational, thought provoking and wildly entertaining.


Anonymous said...

yes!!! the return of the faggy fashion posts!!!
Liza Minelli, Cher, christopher street, Cabaret, Bob Fosse,

Christ in heaven, how gay can you get?

welcome back!!!1

Anonymous said...

You are so incredibly passionate,this is one of the best,if not" the" best thing that you have written in years. Pure literary genius, and if I may quote my 3 time emmy award winning husband," THIS DOESN'T SUCK". TAKE IT FROM ME THATS A MONUMENTAL COMPLIMENT!!! I am not worthy! Love and Kisses .. from "the" susan grimshaw your dear, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous... how pathetic can you get!!!

mistermakeup said...

Miss Susan - I miss you! Thanks for the kind words. Send MM an email - I want a full report on your life.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the truth be told, I believe Diana Ross was believed to be the more worthy. But Berry Gordy Fucked it up. The "other" Susan. How could you have gotten two of us on here?

mistermakeup said...

Oh, Diana Ross was amazing as Billie Holiday. However, the movie, "Lady Sings the Blues" has not lasted the test of time - today it seems like a Lifetime movie. Watch it again, and you will agree with me - great performance, so-so film.


Well I will write a blog about the campy drag queens in the Casino last night, its worth a blog...But noone reads my blog and Im a lazy lady....But I'll write one!!MM