Saturday, April 21, 2007


I was out late Saturday night having coffee - an iced decaf soy latte with Splenda - when I heard the funniest thing.

One friend asked another:

"What celebrity do you most admire."

The friend answered without missing a beat:

"Oprah - because it's amazing someone so evil does so much good in the world."

I laughed myself silly.


Trish said...

I had a friend in law school who wrote a thoughtful argument that Oprah is the the anti-christ (we were allowed to make any argument we wanted with points for originality)

Funny enough, with all the evidence backing up his case, I would find her guilty as charged =)

mistermakeup said...

LOL. So true.


Why? Is she supposed to be a bitch in real life.....I did hear of her travails in Vegas a few years back with GAIL...why is she always with that Gail anyway? Whats the story behind their "otherworldly" friendship MM!

mistermakeup said...

I really do think Oprah is a saint - a saint in a way that one can be a saint in the modern world. I mean, one minute she's passing out free cars and raving about her 5000 thread count sheets and the next she's building schools in Africa. She does seem to dip her toe in both sides of the pool.

As for Miss Gayle - who knows?

Anonymous said...

this is a great observation.

Oprah seems like the biggest self righteous bitch, and her good deeds are awesome, but I can't stomach her ego.

I always ask myself if this intollerace is because she's black, but I don't think it is. I think it's becasue she's a hypocrite and a phony evil assed bitch.

I just can't stomach her being such an outright bitch.

I saw her hassle and ridicule a homeless man on her show who couldn't hold down a job becasue obvs he was mentally ill

That pissed her off and she looked very small riding his ass about it

The show was about a documentary where they gave a homelss guy 100,000 and they wanted to see how long it would last

some stupid shit like that

f- oprah! but god bless the young ladies getting an education in africa

mistermakeup said...

Bravo, darling!

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty good blog.
you got your gay groove back, you faggot.


mistermakeup said...

Geez thanks breeder.

Anonymous said...

MM do you think that Babara kicked Rosie off the view and thats why she is leaving the view?.....or is it as she says and "she couldnt come to an agreement with ABC"? I think that Barbara got sick of cleaning up the messes! But ratings are way up so who knows!

mistermakeup said...

Barbara Walters is first and foremost a business woman - Rosie brought in the highest ratings in the "The View's" history, so I think as along as Rosie brings in the bacon, Barbara doesn't care what Rosie says.

That said, Rosie is a very wealthy woman, so I think she got sick of all the shit that takes place behind the show. I think ABC should have offered her the anything to stay - the show is at a high-point.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rosie was broke after that Boy George play? How do you know she isnt?