Friday, April 13, 2007


I was in Minneapolis this past week, and amidst the fat and fashion challenged folks, I discovered yet another disgusting element in the cornfield - the preferential treatment of Muslims.

Let me explain:

In the state of Minnesota, it is against the law to display religious themed holiday paraphernalia or to discuss or show any religious preference whatsoever. This past holiday season, numerous crosses, Christmas trees and menorahs were removed from public places - even a coffee selling pushcart was forced to stop broadcasting holiday themed music. In other words, no element of Judaism or Christianity is allowed to exist in public.

OK, that sounds cool to me - I don’t like to see religious things in public either.

But now I am shocked to learn that the University of Minnesota and other public institutions are giving prayer rooms to Muslims complete with foot washing stations.

I mean, what kind of bullshit is this? I guess it’s ok to worship Allah in public, but not Jesus.

But that isn’t the half of it.

Just weeks ago, Muslim cab drivers at the airport were refusing to transfer blind travelers with guide dogs or travelers with liquor, thus leaving many people stranded. Next, it was reported that some Muslim cashiers were refusing to scan or touch pork items. Apparently, dog spit, booze and pork are against the Muslim religion, but killing infidels is not.

I hate to pull an Ann Coulter here…but if you don’t like it here or can’t abide by our customs, get the fuck out.

I can’t imagine an American going to an Arab country, and after taking full advantage of the lucrative welfare system – free food stamps, free healthcare, free rent – start demanding special religious privileges in public environments.

I’m sorry, but this is just fucked up.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, baby, all the way.

"you don't like it, get the fuck out"


minnesota elected the first senator or whatever the F#CK who is an american born muslim convert

Isn't that sweet? America is the land of opportunity for these religious special interests who NOW have the right to turn down blind passengers in their taxi cabs. My heart swells with pride.

So get ready for more state sanctioned preferential treatment of muslims next time you travel to your homeland of Minnetonka.

I was actually wondering why you didn't blog about that muslim when the election returns came in last November. That mofo didn't want to be sworn in on a bible, he wanted his precious KORAN. WAH!!!

special interests, coming right up.

Gringo Mark.

mistermakeup said...

I don't like any religion in public places - and that includes the white house and congress. Unfortunately, many in congress have prayer meetings it's all bullshit. If you want to pray to Jesus or Allah, do it at home and don't force me to bend to your ways. That said, I think it is foolish of America to bend over backwards to accomadate a group of people - Muslims - who would prefer us dead.

Anonymous said...

You really are Ann coulter in the guise of a Fag

mistermakeup said...

If only I was that thin and blonde - imagine the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I was in London this time last year, staying at our usual place, when I couldn"t help but notice how this section of town had become completely Islamic. I asked the cab driver what gives and if I may quote" we sold our souls to the devil", was his response. The same thing is happening here. God help us all. susan

Anonymous said...

Not sure that my other blog came thru, so let me London we have " sold our souls to the devil". Heaven help us all. susan

Nick Hobart said...

i didn't know that about my alma matter. i'll have to read more about it. MM - your one source for all things minnesota and muslim. =)

mistermakeup said...

The U of M is my alma matter, too. And yes, MM does try to keep up all things Minnesota.

Jeffrey said...

you crazy!

Anonymous said...

i bet you have a lower bmi than ann coulter

and anyone can have blonde hair, even gwyneth paltrow gets hers from a bottle