Monday, April 30, 2007


With the Republican candidates slightly ahead in the polls, I think it's time to dissect these flip floppers.

Let's start with Giuliani (that's him in the photo above). He was a social Nazi when he ran NYC, and he helped destroy much of its bohemian charms, which paved the way for the Connecticut cunts and the Disney land feel of Times Square. And let's not forget how in a Hitler-esque way he tried to stop an art exhibit that featured a Virgin Mary constructed of cow dung.

Can anyone say free speech?

But he did have his good points: He marched in every gay pride parade; and when "Victor Victoria" was on Broadway, he dragged himself up in a wig and a dress for charity. And when his wife found out about Judi, he moved in with a gay couple. Oh, and he was pro-choice.

Now all of a sudden, he's telling the Christian right he would put conservative judges on the bench - meaning anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage.

Can anyone say flip-flop?

Ok, let's move on to flip flopper John McCain. In 2000, he called Jerry Falwell and others hate mongers "voices of intolerance".

Well, he's now giving speeches at Christian colleges.

Sure, he's a war hero, but is being a war hero something to be proud of? I'm not making judgments, just asking. Also, he's a hundred years old and all crippled up from his war injuries and can barely walk - I'm sorry, but in these times of terror, I want a president who can run as well as walk.

And finally, the one I depise the most is Mitt Romney. For starters, he's a Mormon. I'm sorry, but I've seen "Big Love" on HBO and these people are just plain crazy. I mean, this freak is against everything - abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, civil unions and even domestic partner benefits!

This one scares me almost as much as George W. Bush.


Anonymous said...

way to go mm, pick on a right wing candidate who is sympathetic to your kind.

mistermakeup said...

Did you read the blog? He's no friend to the gay community anymore - he flip flopped his views and has pledged to appoint conservative judges, thus, NO gay rights etc... I think he is an ass kissing asshole.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I get the point of your post, unless it's to say that all republicans behave in a way that democrats do not behave once they hit high visibility and have to ultimately kow tow to their demographics.

If you really believe that at your age, you deserve to never have equal human rights

mistermakeup said...

What I am trying to say is that republicans hammered away at democrat John Kerry for being a flip-flopper....when in reality, the republicans are far worse flip-floppers and much more devious.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was widely accepted that both sides flip flop. John Kerry inspired the flip flop slinging because he said "before I voted to support the war, I voted against the war"

Okay, whatever. That's someone clearly not connected to the office he holds or his constituency.

Edwards 2008, but he won't get it.


You know Mitt Romney is trouble when He is Crazy Ann Coulter's favorite!!!If she likes somebody, you know they are fucked!